Oregon car rental

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To get the most out of your Oregon visit, you will need to have a vehicle. Manyof the top Oregon attractions are just too far apart to be reached by publictransport and, for many, no public transport or tour even exists. There are alot of Oregon car rental companies to choose from. Regardless of who youchoose, here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most from your Oregon car rental:· It is really important that you pay attention to how many people AND luggage your Oregon car rental can hold. You may not be able to change your vehicle choice upon arrival.

· If you are planning on driving to some mountains or off the beaten path abit, then you should really consider an off-road or SUV for your Oregon carrental. They are more expensive and use more gas but may be the only option insome areas of Oregon.
· Always book your Oregon car rental as far in advance as possible. If you waituntil the last moment, you will probably have to pay much more.