Oregon beach vacations

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Best Places for Romance Oregon Beach Vacations Oregon boasts almost 400 miles of splendid coast which are dotted withlight houses, quaint towns, and fantastic views. There are numerous places for Oregon beach vacations but, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, theseare the top picks: Cannon Beach: When it comes to romance, it doesn’t get much better than Cannon for Oregon beach vacations. This beach is known for Haystack Rock, a 235 foot high monolith jutting from the water and into the clear sky. Aside fromthe beautiful views, the 9 miles of beach also has fantastic nature from EcolaState Park.

Nye Beach: For romantic Oregon beach vacations, head over to Nye Beach. Thischarming beach is located near Newport and has many small shops, nice restaurants and places to have a glass of wine over candlelight.
Neskowin Beach: This beach is hidden off of the highway near the small Neskowin town. You can’t beat the serenity of this spot for Oregon beach vacations. There is a legend surrounding the beach too about a family with nine daughters, all of whom were proposed to by the gorgeous rock of the stunning beach. You won’t want to miss the sunset here with a bottle of champagne!